Remember Me

Remember Me

Fridays at 8.30pm from October 16

Remember Me is a three-part contemporary ghost story, by award winning writer Gwyneth Hughes. For the first time in more than 20 years actor, comedian, writer and explorer Michael Palin is heading the cast of this premium BBC drama.

Palin plays Tom Parfitt, a frail, old Yorkshireman seemingly alone in the world whose admittance to a nursing home triggers a series of inexplicable events.

The Enfield Haunting

The Enfield Haunting

Fridays at 9.30pm from October 16

Inspired by the world’s most documented poltergeist incident, The Enfield Haunting - adapted from Guy Lyon Playfair’s book “This House is Haunted,” is a chilling, three-part drama series based on the terrifying and bizarre real events that took place at an ordinary house in 1977.

Top Gear: Ambitious But Rubbish

Top Gear: Ambitious But Rubbish

Mondays at 8.30pm from October 5

Can you build your own amphibious car? Can you make a space shuttle from a Reliant Robin? Can you destroy a Toyota Hilux pick-up? In the course of finding out, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have risked their limbs, their lives and what little is left of their dignity.

In this eight-part series Richard Hammond guides us through the most memorable disastrous moments from the Top Gear archive that illustrate the Top Gear mantra ‘Ambitious but Rubbish’.

Nelly and Nora

Nelly & Nora

Weekdays at 7.45am from October 5

This delightful series follows the stories of Nelly and Nora, two young sisters who spend their holidays and weekends with their parents at the family’s mobile home in a camping park by the sea.

Nestled between a sheltered beach and a farm, the girls love the freedom of the camping park, where they get to spend most of their time outdoors having exciting adventures and making a lifetime of memories!

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Reflecting the BBC’s commitment to global broadcasting we’re the leaders in global breaking news. BBC World News delivers impartial, in-depth analysis of international news including sport, weather, business, current affairs and documentaries.

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