Michael Mosley

He's presented a number of Horizon documentaries including The Truth About Exercise and Eat, Fast and Live Longer, but there's even more to Dr. Michael Mosley than meets the eye. Did you know...

By Katherine Hall


Student Life

Michael was awarded a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from New College, Oxford and then spent a couple of years in the City of London pursuing a career in banking, following in the footsteps of his banker father.

Switching Roles

He then changed direction and started to study medicine in London. After completing his training he became disillusioned with his chosen speciality - psychiatry - and decided to apply for a trainee producer role at the BBC.

From Medicine to Media

Dr Mosley may have chosen a career in the media over one in medicine, but he's managed to combine both disciplines pretty well - in 1995, he was awarded the title of Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.

Camera Man

In 2012, Michael swallowed a camera as part of a BBC series about the mysteries of the human body. The camera in question was little more than a centimetre long, the size of a large vitamin pill and took three pictures a second. They were then broadcast (via sensors on Michael’s body) on screens in the Science Museum in London!

Psychopath Test

In the BBC series The Brain - A Secret History, Michael undertook a revolutionary brain scan in order to see if he had any psychopathic tendencies. In a series of painful encounters with Professor Christian Keysers of the Neuro Imaging Centre in Groningen, Holland, his levels of empathy were measured – and found to be reassuringly (almost) normal.

Wear-out Workout

5’ 11’ Michael regularly exercises, but he suffers from insomnia and has admitted to trying to use gym workouts to wear himself out in order to sleep (which he says doesn’t work!)

Family Man

Michael lives in the market town of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire with his wife Clare, who is also a doctor, and their four children, Alex, Jack, Dan and Kate. Beaconsfield is the birthplace of author Terry Pratchett and the writer G.K. Chesterton is also buried in the town.

From One Show to Many More

Michael has spent time as the face of science and medicine on the BBC’s topical magazine-style teatime TV programme The One Show, presenting segments on a variety of subjects including stress and sleep.

Fasting Fan

Michael follows the 5:2 diet – a regimen which means that he eats what he wants to for five days a week, then twice a week, restricts himself to just 600 calories per day.

Executive Decisions

As well as presenting TV programmes, Michael has also acted as an Executive Producer on a numbers of shows including The Science of Superstorms, The Incredible Human Journey and Global Warming – What You Need to Know.

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