Ripper Street

Ripper Street Series 5

Series 5

As the heroes of Ripper Street confront the cataclysmic fallout of the events that brought Series Four to a close, they must also confront the fact that there is little about any of them that is heroic. Living as outlaws, they must understand the villainy of their own past actions, just as they must pursue those responsible for the evil that has left them hunted and trapped within the Whitechapel underground.

Series Five will return our heroes to the dark secret they all share, and to a Whitechapel hauntingly terrorised by an all too familiar horror. Another serial killer stalks its backstreets and marshes: a man whose vile acts are matched only by his need to escape the dark hunger that drives him.

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Series 4, Episode 1

BBC First

Reid is drawn back to Whitechapel to investigate a case that has condemned his old associate Isaac Bloom to the hangman's noose.

Series 4, Episode 2

BBC First

With the help of Major Al-Qadir, Drake continues to investigate the mysterious murder of a young Indian-born lawyer.

Series 4, Episode 3

BBC First

It is Reid's first day back at H Division and the police force he once commanded is now under Inspector Drake's authority.

Series 4, Episode 4

BBC First

One month has passed since Inspector Reid returned to H Division.

Series 4, Episode 5

BBC First

Just as it seems that Reid and Drake have found their working dynamic once more, a difficult murder case threatens to open old wounds.

Series 4, Episode 6

BBC First

A young man close to Drake's heart is discovered murdered which exacerbates the rift that has developed between Reid and Drake.

Series 4, Episode 7

BBC First

As a new serial killer plagues Whitechapel, Reid and Drake become convinced that his crimes are being covered up by another party.

Series 5, Episode 1

BBC First

Reid - on the run from the police - must find a way to bring down Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove.

Series 5, Episode 2

BBC First

Reid and Dove engage the press in their battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Whitechapel.

Series 5, Episode 3

BBC First

The serial killer Nathaniel Dove is hiding in Hackney Marshes, but how long can he stay out of trouble?

Series 5, Episode 4

BBC First

Thatcher discovers a fresh lead on a double murder committed by Nathaniel, giving Reid cause for hope.

Series 5, Episode 5

BBC First

With Reid locked in the cells it seems that all hope is lost, but is there time for one last roll of the dice?

Series 5, Episode 6

BBC First

Reid must finally bring Augustus Dove to justice, but also find his peace in Whitechapel.