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London, 1971. In an age of open racism, fervent nationalism and anti-establishment passion, two politically engaged and idealistic young lovers, Marcus Hill and Jas Mitra, fight back against the injustice and deep-rooted prejudice they face on a daily basis. But, unbeknownst to them, they are being targeted by Special Branch’s ‘Black Power Desk’ who are dedicated to suppressing black activism.



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Episode 5, Series 1

Monday April 23 at 10:35pm

Episode 5 | Series 1

In the wake of a tragic loss, Marcus and Jas relationship is test. Planning their final action, the gang reach out to someone from the black community that they initially spurned.

Episode 6, Series 1

Monday April 30 at 10:25pm

Episode 6 | Series 1

Infighting and external forces threaten to split the gang, throwing their final mission into jeopardy.

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