Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing

Wednesdays 8.30pm

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You've seen Extreme Fishing but no one has seen a Grand Slam in action before. Actor, Robson Green is taking on a challenge like no other, attempting to join the fishing elite and get his name in the record books. The Grand Slam is no mean feat, and not many anglers can claim to have succeeded at winning the title.

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Episode 1, Series 1

Wednesday February 21 at 7:25pm


Episode 1 | Series 1

Robson Green is on a fishing mission to achieve one of the highest accolades in angling, a Grand Slam. He's in Miami going for the Offshore Grand Slam. Will the weather disrupt his…

Episode 2, Series 1

Wednesday February 28 at 7:25pm


Episode 2 | Series 1

Robson is in Cuba trying his hand at the Inshore Grand Slam. He must catch three species of fish from a set list in a single day whilst dealing with harsh climate conditions.

Episode 3, Series 1

Wednesday March 7 at 7:30pm


Episode 3 | Series 1

Robson heads to Michigan in search of one of America's biggest fish, bass, at the coveted Bass Grand Slam.

Episode 4, Series 1

Wednesday March 14 at 7:25pm

Costa Rica

Episode 4 | Series 1

Robson is in Costa Rica going for an epic Billfish Grand Slam. He travelsl twelve hours to reach the best fishing spot. Has he got the strength to reel in three billfish before the…

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