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Taskmaster Greg Davies and live-in PA Alex Horne return for a fifth series, dragging with them a quintet of brave yet understandably terrified comedians: Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips.

Once more Greg has set them a spiky thicket of tricky tasks designed to encourage genius, but which can also result in hapless humiliation. They’ll be asked to costume coconuts, make Marmite and create cuddles as they fight each other for the world’s premier prize: Greg’s golden head, impaled on a plinth.

Taskmaster: Champions of Champions Quick Look

Taskmaster: Champions of Champions Quick Look

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About the show

As always, statistical beaver and general dogsbody Alex Horne will be at Greg’s side, tail wagging happily, always eager to provide any assistance his overlord requires to aid the delivering of his ruthless judgements.

Seals will be broken, tasks will be read and unpredictable actions will then occur as the five comedians grapple with problems involving cuddles, candles and coconuts. Could you paint a rainbow in total darkness? Create a watercooler moment using a watercooler? Make Marmite? Yes? No? These fearless competitors both can and can’t too.

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