Friday Night Dinner

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The Goodman boys are finally fully fledged adults. Sort of. But nothing will stop ‘piss-face’ and ‘pus-face’ coming home for Friday night dinner – not if Mum gets her way. And Mum always gets her way.

The Goodman family returns for a fourth series of this classic quirky comedy – and they’re as loveable and laughably dysfunctional as ever. Dad’s brain (or lack of) keeps getting him in trouble, Mum is struggling to let go of her beloved ‘bobbles’, and the grandmas are growing hornier and more horrible by the year.

Friday Night Dinner is about the traditions that pull a family together – and drive them round the bend.

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Series 5, Episode 1

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Mum and Dad get a hot tub, much to the horror if Adam and Jonny, and Jim brings a date around for a disastrous dinner

Series 5, Episode 2

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Mum's friend Val moves in and causes havoc when she discovers that Dad is hiding a tin of 20 year old meat in his shed.

Series 5, Episode 3

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Mum plans her own surprise party, which backfires when Dad gets involved. Get ready for the party from hell!

Series 5, Episode 4

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Dad annoys everyone with his old ventriloquist dummy Lord Luck, while Jonny's recently dumped friend Ben comes for dinner in need of cheering up.

Series 5, Episode 5

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Adam isn't happy when he is forced to play his violin for Mum and her best friend Val, while Jonny is relishing every moment. Dad is obsessed with his old microscope.

Series 5, Episode 6

BBC First

The boys are threatened with no crumble if they don't help to assemble a wooden shelf, while Jim's dog Wilson keeps doing his 'dollops' in Mum and Dad's flowerbed..