Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor tackles the top questions about our health, offering uncomplicated, trustworthy advice on important medical issues and worrying health concerns.

This series the team brings you the definitive answers to questions including how to keep our minds sharp as we get older and top tips to cure cramp.

Dr Saleyha Ahsan shows how to spot the signs of a deep vein thrombosis, Dr Chris van Tulleken finds out what really goes in to herbal supplements, and surgeon Gabriel Weston travels to the US to witness an astonishing new treatment that could cure crippling back pain for millions of people

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Series 5, Episode 3

BBC Knowledge

Michael Mosley and the doctors test whether the spice turmeric could help protect us against cancer.

Series 5, Episode 4

BBC Knowledge

The doctors are back doing science research on our behalf. Is it really possible to bust belly fat and does a cheap pair of sunglasses protect us from damaging UV light?

Series 6, Episode 1

BBC Knowledge

Michael Mosley investigates the best way to keep calories in check.

Series 6, Episode 2

BBC Knowledge

With a look at boosting metabolism, the effects of air pollution, and eating disorders.

Series 6, Episode 3

BBC Knowledge

Michael Mosley and Dr Chris van Tulleken investigate omega-3 supplements.