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Set in a coastal town in tropical South India, The Good Karma Hospital tells the story of junior doctor, Ruby Walker, who arrives in India looking for a job and a distraction from her heartbreak. She anticipates the sunshine, the palm trees and picture-perfect beaches. She's even prepared for the sacred cows, the tuk-tuks and the Delhi-belly that everyone warned her about. What she doesn't expect are the realities of work, life and even love at an under-resourced and over-worked cottage hospital.

The Good Karma Hospital Preview

The Good Karma Hospital Preview

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The series follows the lives and loves of a team of hard working medics as they travel the red dirt roads to patients staying in five-star beach resorts or inland – through lush green jungles – to help local villagers.

Back at the hospital, literally any story can walk through the door – and often it does.

Life affirming and optimistic, this contemporary series mixes the heart-breaking with the humorous, and as Doctor Ruby Walker adjusts to life in India, she realises that the Good Karma Hospital is more than just a rundown medical outpost - it’s a home.

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Episode 2, Series 1

Monday February 25 at 8:30pm

Good Karma Hospital

Episode 2 | Series 1

The full moon spells trouble when a mystery Adonis washes up on the shore.

Episode 3, Series 1

Monday March 4 at 8:30pm

Good Karma Hospital

Episode 3 | Series 1

As Holi festival fever hits the Good Karma Hospital, an abandoned baby strikes a personal chord with Ruby.

Episode 4, Series 1

Monday March 11 at 8:30pm

Good Karma Hospital

Episode 4 | Series 1

On the day that he is attending a lavish Indian wedding, Ram clashes with Lydia when a medical case gets personal.

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