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The natural world is full of strange science and bizarre connections. This series navigates the weird and wonderful, offering a refreshing and very different take on our planet.

With the help of leading scientists, engaging contributors and stunning experiments, this series opens up the secrets behind bizarre science, animal oddities, crazy weather, medical marvels and remarkable natural phenomena.

A fascinating journey to discover the answers to some of the strangest questions on the planet

A fascinating journey to discover the answers to some of the strangest questions on the planet

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Episode 3, Series 2

Monday December 17 at 7:15am

Episode 3 | Series 2

Chris Packham sets out to understand why a much-loved dolphin has started breaking people's bones and how a tiny crustacean has mastered the holy grail of science, the art of…

Episode 4, Series 2

Tuesday December 18 at 7:15am

Episode 4 | Series 2

Find out how an Australian town became plagued by giant bats and why so many sperm whales became stranded around the North Sea in 2015.

Episode 5, Series 2

Wednesday December 19 at 7:15am

Episode 5 | Series 2

Chris Packham uncovers natures super survivors a shark with the secret to long life and a prehistoric fish with a thirst for blood that almost destroyed an entire fishing industry.

Episode 6, Series 2

Thursday December 20 at 7:15am

Episode 6 | Series 2

Chris Packham investigates a lake the colour of bubblegum with an evolutionary secret hidden within its depths. Chris also investigates the washed up remains of a gargantuan creature…

Episode 7, Series 2

Friday December 21 at 7:15am

Episode 7 | Series 2

Chris Packham uncovers the mysterious death of hundreds of reindeer in Norway, discovers a mythical boiling river in Peru and finds out why blood red rain appeared in Spain.

Episode 8, Series 2

Monday December 24 at 8:00am

Episode 8 | Series 2

Find out what's killing off seabirds on remote islands, why spiders are glowing in the dark and more bizarre events from the natural world.

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