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The 14th series of the original genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? returns with a star studded list od celebrity guests.

Series 14 Quick Look

Series 14 Quick Look

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Great British Bake Off presenter Paul Hollywood, modelling legend Jerry Hall, Last Tango In Halifax stars Sir Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid, actress Jane Seymour, choirmaster and broadcaster Gareth Malone, stage and television actress Frances de la Tour, news reporter Frank Gardner, BAFTA-award winning writer Mark Gatiss and television presenter Anita Rani all join this series.

Spanning almost a thousand years of history and crossing four continents, the new series follows our 10 household names as they investigate the secrets of their family trees.

Travelling from the Tower of London to the Highlands of Scotland, from Tunisia to Tasmania, from the Punjab in India to the Wild West of America, our intrepid 10 each embark on a journey of discovery as they dig deep into their family ancestry, uncovering a host of hidden pasts and shocking revelations.

Full of heartbreak, laughter, intrigue and surprise, each film captures every step of our celebrity’s mission to learn more about their ancestors’ lives.

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Episode 3, Series 12

Wednesday December 19 at 10:45am

Derek Jacobi

Episode 3 | Series 12

Actor Derek Jacobi discovers that he is descended from a Huguenot fleeing persecution.

Episode 4, Series 12

Thursday December 20 at 10:45am

Jerry Hall

Episode 4 | Series 12

Jerry Hall wants to find out how her family, originally from Oldham, ended up in America.

Episode 10, Series 14

Thursday December 20 at 8:30pm

Ruby Wax

Episode 10 | Series 14

Ruby Wax learns about the plight of her parents, who fled the Nazis and went to America.

Episode 5, Series 12

Friday December 21 at 10:50am

Gareth Malone

Episode 5 | Series 12

Gareth Malone sets out to find out how far back his family's passion for music goes.

Episode 10, Series 14

Sunday December 23 at 8:00am

Ruby Wax

Episode 10 | Series 14

Ruby Wax learns about the plight of her parents, who fled the Nazis and went to America.

Episode 6, Series 12

Monday December 24 at 10:35am

Anne Reid

Episode 6 | Series 12

Actress Anne Reid sets out to find out more about the history of her father's family.

Episode 7, Series 12

Wednesday December 26 at 11:05am

Frank Gardner

Episode 7 | Series 12

Journalist Frank Gardner learns more about his mother's side of the family.

Episode 8, Series 12

Thursday December 27 at 11:05am

Anita Rani

Episode 8 | Series 12

Anita Rani find out what happened to her grandfather during the Partition of India.

Episode 9, Series 12

Friday December 28 at 11:05am

Mark Gatiss

Episode 9 | Series 12

Actor and writer Mark Gatiss untangles a tale of rags to riches in his family history.

Episode 10, Series 12

Wednesday January 2 at 11:10am

Frances De La Tour

Episode 10 | Series 12

Frances de la Tour's family tree holds a clue which hints at aristocratic ancestors.

Episode 1, Series 10

Thursday January 3 at 10:45am

Una Stubbs

Episode 1 | Series 10

Una Stubbs never met her paternal grandparents even though they didn't die until she was in her 20s. In her quest to find out more, Una uncovers a story of illegitimacy and poverty…

Episode 2, Series 10

Friday January 4 at 10:45am

Nigel Havers

Episode 2 | Series 10

Actor Nigel Havers is usually cast in upper class roles, but his roots turn out to be very different.

Episode 4, Series 10

Monday January 7 at 10:45am

Lesley Sharp

Episode 4 | Series 10

Actress Lesley Sharp was adopted when she was five weeks old. She traced her birth mother over twenty years ago and found she was the result of her mother's affair.

Episode 5, Series 10

Tuesday January 8 at 10:45am

Gary Lineker

Episode 5 | Series 10

Sports presenter and former footballer Gary Lineker follows the trail of his great, great, great grandfather James Pratt, and discovers that James was a poacher in Victorian England…

Episode 8, Series 10

Wednesday January 9 at 10:45am

Sarah Millican

Episode 8 | Series 10

Comedian Sarah Millican is astonished to discover that her three times great grandfather was one of the first ever divers in the world.

Episode 9, Series 10

Thursday January 10 at 10:45am

Marianne Faithful

Episode 9 | Series 10

Singer Marianne Faithfull investigates her mother's life and whether there is any truth in the rumour that the family was involved with the Austrian Resistance.

Episode 10, Series 10

Friday January 11 at 10:45am

John Simpson

Episode 10 | Series 10

John Simpson always thought his great grandfather was Samuel F Cody. It was only later that John discovered that his great grandmother had run off with Cody.

Episode 1, Series 13

Monday January 14 at 10:45am

Danny Dyer

Episode 1 | Series 13

Actor Danny Dyer sets out to discover the history of his family in the East End of London.

Episode 2, Series 13

Tuesday January 15 at 10:45am

Amanda Holden

Episode 2 | Series 13

Amanda Holden explores her French ancestry.

Episode 3, Series 13

Wednesday January 16 at 10:45am

Liz Bonnin

Episode 3 | Series 13

Liz Bonnin investigates her parents' lineages on the islands of Trinidad and Martinique.

Episode 4, Series 13

Thursday January 17 at 10:45am


Episode 4 | Series 13

Singer Cheryl tracer her roots and discovers a sea-faring ancestor and a family tragedy.

Episode 6, Series 11

Thursday January 17 at 8:30pm

Mary Berry

Episode 6 | Series 11

Bake Off star Mary Berry sets off on a journey to find out more about her father's family.

Episode 5, Series 13

Friday January 18 at 10:45am

Ricky Tomlinson

Episode 5 | Series 13

Ricky Tomlinson traces his roots and discovers that he comes from generations of carters.

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