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Robson Green's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Robson Green's Extreme Fishing ChallengeRobson Green's Extreme Fishing Challenge

Actor and Extreme Fisherman Robson Green has spent the past five years traveling the globe in search of the weirdest and most wonderful fish on the planet. He’s fished with some of the best anglers in the world and has done it all, from catching half-ton Sharks in Ascension Island, to the fastest fish on Earth in Costa Rica.

In Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge, he’s out to take on the best - and win. Each week, he’ll be in a different place with the same extreme challenge - a competitive fishing tour against some of the best anglers that nation has to offer.

In eight brand new episodes, he faces the anglers of Australasia Africa, Iceland, Mauritius and Hawaii. It’s his ultimate fishing adventure: it’s Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge.

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Series 2, Episode 8

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Robson braves some dangerous surf, casting against a man most locals won't fish against. Standing chin deep in the thundering surf gives Robson a serious wake up call and a pretty…

Series 3, Episode 1

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Robson finds out how tough they make them up north by travelling to Greenland and into the Arctic Circle. Going after the Greenland Shark, he gets a little more than he bargained for…

Series 3, Episode 2

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Robson returns to Africa to fish Tanzania on the east coast. He travels over 4000 miles to a country that brushes close to the equator and is home to the highest peak and largest lake…

Series 3, Episode 3

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Travelling across the Atlantic to Eastern Canada, Robson attempts to catch his biggest ever Atlantic Salmon, his biggest ever Tuna and his biggest fish ever on the fly.

Series 3, Episode 4

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In this eastern odyssey Robson heads for a part of the world he's never been to before. Fishing in 45 degree heat, Robson finds a culture that still takes its fishing seriously.